26 Valuable Gifts That Start With V For The Versatile Ones

Finding a gift for a special one whose name starts with V? No need to search more; we are here to help you in this gift hunt.

Themed presents are in trend these days. So, we have listed unique alphabet gifts that start with V. Each gift is valuable, and your friend will love having them. 

They are great for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Let’s find a versatile gift for the VIP in your life.

Personalized Gifts That Start With V

To give a personal touch and make your loved one realize your feelings, we have made a list of customized gifts here. They will make your special one’s day memorable.

1. V initial canvas tote bag

V initial canvas tote bag

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A canvas tote bag is an ideal gift for women. So, why not a personalized one? 

Your friend can carry it with style to places like the beach, for traveling and shopping. It is sturdy, good in size, and can carry up to 50 pounds. Plus, there is a makeup bag to keep her beauty accessories separate.

2. V mirrored decorative glass letter

V mirrored decorative glass letter

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Gift this mirrored letter V as a housewarming gift to your friend as beautiful home decor. It is uniquely designed and can be placed on a tabletop or hung on the wall.

The beautiful wall decor is available at low rates, so why just a single letter? You can create your friend’s full name to make it more unique.

3. V initial ceramic coffee mug

V initial ceramic coffee mug

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This coffee mug with her initials is an excellent gift for her so she can have a fabulous morning. It is glossy white and made from porcelain ceramic.

Moreover, it is affordable and safe for microwave and dishwasher.

4. V letter dainty rose gold necklace

V letter dainty rose gold necklace

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Wish your girl a happy birthday with this beautiful cursive V-letter necklace. It is a great customized gift starting with V, as it is hypoallergenic and waterproof.

Made from brass and plated with 14K gold, she is going to get a lot of compliments after wearing it. It also qualifies as a great option for a secret lover.

5. V initial gold-plated butterfly ring

V initial gold-plated butterfly ring

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Renew your wedding vows again on this anniversary with this beautiful initial butterfly ring and make her feel your emotions and love. 

It can be adjusted and will comfortably fit any size. Plus, it is lead and nickel free.

6. V initial classic baseball hat

V initial classic baseball hat

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Give your man’s style a classic look by gifting him this elegant baseball hat. The 3D PVC initial style makes it unique from different caps

It has an adjustable tape back and is polyester made, durable and breathable.

Christmas Gifts That Begin With V

Christmas is the favorite occasion for everyone. But, sometimes, it becomes hard to find a suitable gift according to the occasion. Well, your search ends here.

7. Van personalized christmas tumbler

Van personalized christmas tumbler

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Surprise your traveler friend this Christmas by gifting him this adorable van-customized tumbler. It is so beautifully designed that it will look fabulous in your friend’s hand.

It has double-walled vacuum insulation to keep beverages hot or cold. And it is rust and leak resistant too.

8. Vintage music box with LED lights

Vintage music box with LED lights

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Strengthen your love bond with the special one in your life by gifting this beautiful music box. It plays the melody of “Castle in the sky.”

Also, the LED lights twinkle when the music is on, which will be worth watching.

9. Velvet blanket Christmas-themed

Velvet blanket Christmas-themed

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This velvet blanket made from microfleece yarn is a super cute gift for your better half to enjoy her Christmas holidays. She will enjoy TV shows on the sofa in this cozy and comfy blanket.

It is soft, lightweight, and durable. And the Christmas print makes it an eye-catching V-themed gift item. Plus, it’s affordable.

10. Vietnamese coconut bowls

Vietnamese coconut bowls

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These Vietnamese bowls are made from 100% coconut shells and are unique gift suggestions for the chef in your life.

It will be an excellent addition to the kitchen decor, and it gives a natural look, and every food item can be served in them.

11. Vermont mini string lights

Vermont mini string lights

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Ideal for decorating trees, balconies, bushes, pathways and curtains, these string lights will amp up the Xmas decor for your loved ones.

Because we all know Christmas is bland without lights.
But what makes these a brilliant option is the:

  • Number of lights = 100
  • Replaceable bulbs = yes
  • Option of multiple connections = yes

12. Vine lights for Xmas party

Vine lights for xmas party

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Gift these vine lights to a friend who has just moved into a new house and needs some decorations. So, make this Christmas a wonderful one for him with these waterproof decorations.

They can be used not only for Christmas decorations but also for living room or kitchen decor, thus a thoughtful gift beginning with V.

13. Vanity mirror with lights

Vanity mirror with lights

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This vanity mirror is a fabulous gift for your lady to style elegantly. It has dimensions of 11.7″L x 4.7″W. Also, it is a unique one as it has 21 built-in LED bulbs and 3 modes of magnification.

It is super easy to use with a touchscreen switch. So, ready to get a pleasant smile from your bae?

Unique Gifts That Start With V

Trying to find something unique that will elevate your friend’s excitement level? Here is a list of unique gifts and your friend will love to have them.

14. Vintage typewriter pencil holder

Vintage typewriter pencil holder

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Looking to find something antique for your writer friend? This vintage typewriter-shaped stationery holder will definitely make him excited. A good gift to appreciate his writings.

It is small in size and will look amazing on the office desk of your friend.

15. Vase sculpture of an elegant woman

Vase sculpture of an elegant woman

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Gift this beautiful ceramic goddess vase to the newlywed couple as a wedding gift that starts with V.  It is a unique style item that will give a mesmerizing view and match any flowers.

It has dimensions of 7.6″L x 7.6″W x 8.3″H  and can be placed on the bedside table or living room.

16. Volcano lava mood lamp

Volcano lava mood lamp

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Want a soothing lamp?
Want a romantic lamp?
Want a rechargeable lamp?
Want a night lamp?

Lucky you, you’ll get it all in this volcano lava lamp.
Owing to the red plastic spheres that rise and fall in the chamber, it imitates the movement of the lava spurting out of a mountain. 

Keep it in your bedroom or the kid’s room; it’s suitable for both.

17. Vampire Dracula cat figurine

Vampire Dracula cat figurine

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The vampire Dracula cat figurine is the most adorable decor to gift to your cat lover friend. It is beautifully designed with attention to detail so that no one can resist complementing this cute statue.

18. Vegetables  printed kitchen towels

Vegetables printed kitchen towels

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Get these simple yet elegant vegetable-themed kitchen towels that will brighten your wife’s mood, and she will love using them in the kitchen. They are made from polyester and polyamide.

They are great for enhancing kitchen decor and doing kitchen tasks.

19. Vegetable chopper & dicer

Vegetable chopper & dicer

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Chop, dice, grate and slice! This multifunctional vegetable chopper is the only kitchen tool your giftee needs for her veggies. 

Be it cutting onions before cooking steak or dicing carrots for a salad, it does it all.
With 8 interchangeable blades, easy cleaning and a built-in lid to prevent the flying of cut pieces, it certainly is a great V-letter gift.

20. Vintage gears watch cuff links

Vintage gears watch cuff links

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Level up your man’s fashion sense with these antique-styled cufflinks and give his style a classy look. They are made from copper that will not fade.

The moving gears of the gears make them eye-catching, and he is going to get a lot of compliments.

Cheap Gifts That Start With V

Budget can be a hurdle in finding a high-quality gift. No worries, we have made a list of gifts that looks expensive but are available at low rates.

21. Vitamin sea beach cosmetic bag

Vitamin sea beach cosmetic bag

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This vitamin sea bag is a phenomenal gift to impress your beach-loving girl. It will make her realize that you care about her likings and dislikings.

It is made from cotton canvas fabric and is lightweight and durable, making it a cool V-letter gift.

22. Violin handle coffee mug

Violin handle coffee mug

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Know a music lover who craves gifts all the time? We hear you saying YES.
But talented souls like them deserve unique gifts… such as this violin coffee mug. 

With a curvy violin handle, music notes outer surface and keyboard lid, this gift beginning with V has everything to love.

23. Vinyl mural art home decoration

Vinyl mural art home decoration

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Decorate your little princess’s room with these beautiful eco-friendly vinyl wall decals. It has two blue and white lotus flowers and blue butterflies with falling petals.

Moreover, they can be stuck easily and can be reused.

24. Volleyball cord braided rope bracelet

Volleyball cord braided rope bracelet

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The volleyball-themed cod bracelets are a fantastic thing that your team must have. It will strengthen your team bonding and boost confidence in the playing arena.

They are made from wax rope, comfortable to wear, sturdy, and can be adjustable.          

25. V letter brass key chain

V letter brass key chain

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This brass-made Mickey Mouse keychain gives an antique look, and your Disney lover friend will love to have it. 

It is high quality and sturdy and will look adorable when attached to backpacks, water bottles, and handbags.

26. Valentine’s unique heart neon sign

Valentine’s unique heart neon sign

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Make this valentine’s a special one for her by gifting this beautiful heart neon light. It will create a romantic aura with its soft pink cozy light. It can be hung or placed on the bedside table.

It is made from unbreakable neon material, and AAA batteries are required to operate it.

Wrapping Up

We discussed a list of versatile gifts that start with V that will give your friends and relatives pleasant vibes.

Of course, there are a lot of gift options available online. However, here, our vision is to give you such gift ideas that will not only create joyful memories but will be valuable and have practical usage.

So, which was your favorite gift? Comment below.

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