19 Amazing Gifts For Video Editors To Sharpen Their Editing Skills

Every time you hear the word “video editor,” you think about them sticking to their screens the whole day, right?

Well, this is not the case!

Just like everyone else, they also enjoy their daily tasks and would love to have something as décor that uplifts their mood within seconds.

So, if you have been wondering what kind of gifts for video editors should be added to the cart, we are here to answer your every question!

Let’s begin!

Cool Gifts For Video Editors

We are sure you will find this collection as cool as your buddy, who creates masterpieces like no one else!

1. Condenser computer pc mic

Condenser computer pc mic

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Voiceovers and everything in between is one of the most important things when it comes to video editing.

And this is why adding this USB voice condenser microphone to the cart will definitely make your buddy the happiest! 

2. External solid-state drive

External solid-state drive

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Whenever you see a high-definition video streaming on one of your social media platforms, know that a video editor had to utilize more storage than usual.

And this is why gifting this external solid-state drive will definitely make things flexible and less stressful for your friend in terms of storage etc. 

3. Video tripod system

Video tripod system

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Video editors need to keep their cameras stable more than anything else. And using only a human arm can not turn out to be as precise as needed.

This is where a tripod like this would come out in handy for your buddy, no matter what.

4. Desktop headset holder

Desktop headset holder

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Is someone close to you an organization freak? And by any chance, a video editor also?

Then, without any second thought, get your hands on this sleek headphone stand that will keep your buddy’s most essential thing for video editing mess-free.

5. 2 pairs film socks

2 pairs film socks

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Let’s just add a bit of fun to your collection of gifts for video editors!

All by adding these funny yet comfy socks to your cart!

6. Laptop stand for desk

Laptop stand for desk

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There’s no hard and fast rule that a video editor must only stick to his editing setup at home!

No, on some days, your friend would like to play up a bit with his editing skills while sitting in a coffee shop, and this is where this laptop stand will help him with the task without compromising on his posture!

7. Travel laptop backpack

Travel laptop backpack

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A handy bag is a must for everyone working with cameras and everything in between.

So, always get something, like this present that starts with t, that doesn’t turn out to be bulky and effortlessly stores every single thing.

8. Vintage video filmmaking wall art

Vintage video filmmaking wall art

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Everyone loves a bit of décor around their work setup or room.

So, pick this vintage video filmmaking wall art that will definitely give an aesthetic touch to every corner they are placed in!

9. Cord organizer cable management for desk

Cord organizer cable management for desk

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These cord organizers will keep the wire-related mess at bay, no matter how long a video editor works on his new masterpiece!

Moreover, these stick to the surface; therefore, you won’t need a drill machine to install these cords! 

10. USB coffee warmer

USB coffee warmer

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We are sure this will turn out to be one of the best gifts for video editors!


Well, playing up with editing tools isn’t the only thing they need. Instead, they also need their hot cup of coffee for the ultimate caffeine kick! And this coffee warmer will serve the purpose pretty well!

11. MX master 2S wireless mouse

MX master 2S wireless mouse

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This mouse is made for those who like to get done with their job as efficiently as possible!

Its ergonomic design doesn’t tire the hand but makes it swift in scrolling, clicking, and a lot more!

12. Wired over-ear headphones

Wired over-ear headphones

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There’s no doubt that headphones are a must for video editing and other related tasks!

So, why not get your friend something that keeps up with his top-notch professional tasks?

13. Lumbar support pillow

Lumbar support pillow

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It is natural to feel tired and pain in the backbone, etc., after working for hours in one place. 

But this lumbar support pillow will take care of your buddy’s body muscles and help in long working hours. 

14. Smart light bars

Smart light bars

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Every video editor needs a blend of colors in their life, just like they do with their videos!

And these smart LED bars will exactly do the same thing in an aesthetically pleasing way.

15. Graphics drawing tablet

Graphics drawing tablet

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This graphic drawing tablet is made for professionals to add a more personalized touch to their videos and everything in between!

It comes with a stylus, and the screen allows smooth functioning, producing much more aesthetic results!

16. Video editing – t-shirt

Video editing – t-shirt

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A video editor would love to wear this t-shirt while editing, just like a roller skater would love to have his essentials while skating!

Moreover, this shirt perfectly defines a video editor’s life!

So, why wait to add it to your cart?

17. Video editing controller

Video editing controller

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Bring ease and flexibility in managing editing tools with the help of this video editing controller!

18. Art glove with two fingers for right hand and left hand

Art glove with two fingers for right hand and left hand

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Every artist wants to have a useful present like these art gloves!

The fabric is soft and protects the skin from unnecessary itching even after using the stylus for hours!

19. Camera lens coffee mug

Camera lens coffee mug

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Help your video editor buddy define his style and love for cameras with the help of this camera lens coffee mug!

It is spill-free and comes with a retractable lid to carry around as effortlessly as possible.

Bottom Line:

These gifts for video editors were picked keeping in line with efficiency, aesthetics, and a lot more!

Therefore, we hope you loved them as much as we did while collecting for your buddy!

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