20 Gifts For Travel Nurses Who Are Medical Frontline Warriors Working Out Of The Station

When it comes to buying gifts for travel nurses, you might think of only one or two options.

However, just because they have to work while staying away doesn’t mean they won’t need their essentials anymore.

In fact, a traveling nurse will be using her compression socks, premium scrubs, travel mug, comfy pillow, and a lot more than usual to keep working like a pro.

So, if you are thinking of surprising and making her feel the happiest, simply have a look at our collection and see the magic that unrolls afterward.

Best Gifts For Travel Nurses

The gifts listed below are carefully picked by our experts so that they can outstand in terms of quality and uniqueness.

1. Multi-use backpack with USB port

Multi-use backpack with USB port

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This multi-use backpack with a USB port will keep a traveling nurse’s essentials within hand’s reach.

The front pocket has enough room to keep food items without causing them any damage. Moreover, the space inside the bag is wide enough to keep other essentials and clothes instead of the other way around.

2. Travel mug for nurses with “I will stab you” caption

Travel mug for nurses with “I will stab you” caption

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You won’t see a single medical personnel without a classic coffee mug.

So, how about you get one that matches the traveling nurse’s overall vibe? The caption on this mug obviously makes things a bit funny and lighthearted!

3. Compression socks for all-day comfort

Compression socks for all-day comfort

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Working all day and running here and there means a nurse must be on her feet most of the day.

This can result in pain in her legs, etc. Therefore, get her these compression socks that look trendy while making a person feel comfortable with their soft fabric.

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4. Nurse accessories for work

Nurse accessories for work

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Just because she has to do her job 24/7 doesn’t mean she can’t have a few fun accessories to make her feel lighthearted.

Here we have a makeup pouch (or she can keep anything else she finds suitable), 2 headbands, and a badge reel to hang the ID card, etc.

The best part about this present is that even when she is traveling, she will be able to feel good by just looking at these cute things.

5. Travel carrying case

Travel carrying case

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Speaking of traveling and a pouch, there should be a cool case to keep her medical accessories intact, right?

Therefore, we bring you this travel carrying case, which looks cool and is lightweight enough to carry all day long.

6. Personalized shirt for nurses

Personalized shirt for nurses

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Not all gifts for travel nurses should be those that help her on duty; some should also bring her comfort when she is in her apartment chilling on a cozy sofa.

For this, you can get your hands on this ultra-comfy t-shirt that she can pair with any PJ of her choice.

The best part? You can personalize it by having her name on it.

7. Sterling silver stethoscope necklace embellished with crystals

Sterling silver stethoscope necklace embellished with crystals

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This beautiful necklace will always remind her of the great work she does, obviously in a stylish way.

She can wear it while on duty or having a day off when out of the station.

8. Pure memory foam neck pillow

Pure memory foam neck pillow

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Just like everyone else, a nurse can also experience pain in the neck, etc.

Therefore, gift her this traveling pillow which can be used both during travel and during duty when she is enjoying her mini break.

9. Handheld electric massage gun

Handheld electric massage gun

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Being a human, it is natural to feel fatigued or tired after being on your feet for most of the day.

The same can be the case with a traveling nurse. So, to help her feel fresh every morning, get her this handheld electric massager that is portable and lightweight enough to carry around.

10. Medical scrubs for nurses

Medical scrubs for nurses

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The more, the merrier!

Yes, this is what a traveling nurse would say when it comes to packing scrubs.

So, get her these premium-quality scrubs that come in 14+ different colors without affecting the quality of the material.

Moreover, these can also be used by someone like a speech therapist when on duty. 

11. Durable and soft sneakers

Durable and soft sneakers

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We are sure she will be more than happy to have an extra pair of shoes in her traveling bag.

So, let’s get a durable and comfy pair that doesn’t hurt her feet and makes the job much more bearable.

12. Minipresso portable coffee maker

Minipresso portable coffee maker

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Unlike the usual days, what do you think a nurse is supposed to do when she is craving a cup of coffee but cannot find a coffee maker because she is out of the station?

The answer is: she will make use of this minipresso from one of the gifts for travel nurses you gave her.

This machine is so lightweight and handy in size that she won’t mind keeping it in her tote bag.  

13. Waist pack bag

Waist pack bag

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Nurses hardly have any time to look at their mobile phones when on duty.

So, don’t you think that she will need something to keep her mobile and free her hands that can be used to treat a patient?

This is why we got this slim waist bag for one of the real heroes in your life so that she can do her amazing work without feeling irritated.

14. Foldable Bluetooth headphones

Foldable Bluetooth headphones

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These headphones will accompany her during travels, mini breaks, or even when she is back in her apartment and enjoying her “me” time.

These headphones come with built-in mic, sd card insertion option, and a lot more for endless fun.

15. Premium soft travel blanket

Premium soft travel blanket

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Help travel in the most comfortable way ever.

This soft blanket will keep her cozy and is easy to carry around once put in the bag.

16. LED penlight for nurses

LED penlight for nurses

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This pen-styled LED light will make her “examinations” more appropriate and easy to focus.

Moreover, this gift for travel nurses will not take up much of her pocket space, which is definitely a plus!

17. Personalized stethoscope name tag

Personalized stethoscope name tag

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We all know how every other someone from the hospital complains that they lost their stethoscope, etc.

However, the chances of such happenings increase when a nurse has to work out of the station.

This is why we got this personalized name tag that she can install in her stethoscope and never lose sight of her essentials ever again! 

18. Metal clipboard with storage

Metal clipboard with storage

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This metal clipboard with storage is one of the handiest travel nurse gifts you can ever get for her.

It will keep her essentials, like important papers, etc., in one place while she takes history and works tirelessly all day long.

19. Safety glasses

Safety glasses

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These safety glasses are made to protect a nurse’s eyes from toxic splashes and everything in between.

Not only that, but these will also add more to her daily style.

20. Pack travel bottles

Pack travel bottles

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When traveling more than often, a person needs to keep essentials like moisturizer, face wash, etc., in handy bottles to avoid mess.

Therefore, get your hands on these bottles and let a traveling nurse thank you later.

Bottom Line:

It is mandatory to buy gifts for travel nurses that help them with their work and also when she is off duty.

And this very factor was kept in mind while compiling the above-mentioned collection.

We hope that you loved every gift as much as we did while picking them!

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