17 Gifts For Tesla Owners To Improve Their Driving Experience Altogether!

Gifts for tesla owners shouldn’t be something as huge as their car.

Instead, it can be something as tiny as a tesla charging adapter. The main focus of your gift ideas should be to improve their driving experience and introduce ease to them.

And we understand how difficult it can get to find such presents!

But no worries at all! GiftsToCart is here to shoo away all your questions and bless you with every useful thing you have been looking for!

Practical Gifts For Tesla Owners

These presents will take care of different tasks that tesla owners have to do while being in the car.

1. Funny tesla parking sign

Funny tesla parking sign

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This is definitely one hilarious gift you can get for anyone who has been a tesla owner for too long now.

It can be used as a wall décor or simply as one of the coolest things present in the garage!

2. Tesla phone holder

Tesla phone holder

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This “tesla” printed phone holder is built to take care of race car driver’s accessories or mobile phones, no matter what.

Its dynamic clips can bear rough shocks and still not let go of the mobile phone.

3. Tesla red logo hooded sweatshirt

Tesla red logo hooded sweatshirt

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This fleece hooded sweatshirt will win your buddy’s heart in a minute.

It comes in a durable fabric and gives a unique plus personalized touch to anyone who is wearing it while driving.

4. Vacuum-insulated stainless steel thermal bottle

Vacuum-insulated stainless steel thermal bottle

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Your tesla owner friend might not need to drink water while driving, but he’ll surely need to stay hydrated for the rest of the day.

And for this, we have this tesla logo-printed water bottle that doesn’t cause any leakage and maintains the drink’s temperature. 

5. Logo embroidered adjustable baseball cap

Logo embroidered adjustable baseball cap

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We are sure anyone would love a minimalist and high-quality cap like this, especially if that person is a tesla owner.

The logo is not printed. Instead, it is embroidered to ensure it doesn’t fade away even after several washes.

6. Center console

Center console

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The more, the merrier!

This is the case when it comes to buying gifts for tesla owners.

By this, we simply mean that picking this center console will bring nothing but comfort to someone driving the car.

Moreover, its sleek design gives much-needed support, and the soft cushion definitely adds to the comfort!

7. Tesla puddle lights for car door

Tesla puddle lights for car door

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This is surely going to be one of the unique gifts you can get for any tesla owner.

These lights are installed underneath the car doors, and they emit light in the form of a personalized tesla logo design. 

8. Tesla headrest pillow

Tesla headrest pillow

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Let’s get it real; we all get tired after long driving hours, and each one of us needs something to let our necks relax on.

This is why we bring you these tesla headrest pillows to make your buddy’s long drive as comfortable as possible.

9. Tesla car registration and insurance holder

Tesla car registration and insurance holder

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Ever heard your tesla owner buddy or someone who loves to ride dirt bikes complain about scattered cards and papers? Especially when they are related to the car they own.

If yes, then it’s time to shoo away all their worries by gifting this car registration and the insurance holder.

It is lightweight and easy to carry around. Plus, it makes storing papers much more hassle-free instead of the other way around.

10. Charging cable holder with chassis bracket

Charging cable holder with chassis bracket

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We are sure this gift idea for a tesla owner is going to solve their long-due and major problem: how to organize the charging cable and keep it from any damage.

This cable holder is uniquely designed to bring ease, especially when running out of time.

Moreover, it is compatible with all models, including 3, Y, X, and S.

11. Vacuum cleaner for car

Vacuum cleaner for car

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Keeping a car clean is essential and not an option.

But this doesn’t mean that it should turn out to be a hassle!

Instead, it should be a no-brainer with the help of this vacuum cleaner.

Its handy and portable design makes it easy to reach different corners of the car and suck out unnecessary dust particles. 

12. Charging adapter

Charging adapter

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Let your tesla owner friend thank you endlessly!

This is mainly because this charging adapter will make car charging a zero hassle and a quick process!  

13. Car cup coaster

Car cup coaster

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These cup coasters are sure not to let any mug slip away, especially when the car is speeding and going through bumpy roads. 

14. 2-in-1 car steering wheel desk

2-in-1 car steering wheel desk

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This 2-in-1 car steering wheel desk will be a useful gift for tesla owners, especially when they have to drive more often than usual.

It can be used as a mini table and also as a laptop stand!

Moreover, its anti-slip base ensures the cup doesn’t fall off the tray while eating or relaxing.

15. Car trash can with lid and storage pockets

Car trash can with lid and storage pockets

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This portable car trash can with a lid will be a useful addition to your tesla owner friend’s accessories!

It is waterproof and comes with zips to keep the trash inside instead of littering the car while you are on a long journey!

16. Tempered glass screen protector

Tempered glass screen protector

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Using the GPS screen can result in unwanted stains and scratches.

Therefore, this tempered glass screen protector will take care of the screen no matter how long you use it! 

17. Car LED lights

Car LED lights

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These LED lights add an aesthetic touch to a car’s interior.

Moreover, the lights can be controlled through a mobile phone, making it much easier to change the colors according to one’s mood.

Bottom Line:

These gifts for tesla owners were mindfully collected to ensure they align with the quality as well as efficiency standards.

Moreover, we hope you loved each one of them just like we did while collecting them for you and your best buddy!

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