17 Gifts For Surrogate Who Has Already Become An Essential Part Of Your Family

Your surrogate is like an angel sent down to complete your family like no one else, right?

A surrogate mother dedicates her time, effort, and a lot more just to make sure your beautiful dream as intended parents comes true.

So, she definitely deserves to be treated with the same amount of love, care, and affection with which she takes care of your beautiful human, right? 

To help you perfectly express your heartwarming emotions, here is a collection of gifts for surrogate you wouldn’t like to miss!

These presents have been carefully picked to ensure she enjoys comfort while being in style simultaneously.

Thoughtful Gifts For Surrogate

This collection of gifts can be used in multiple ways, like during her gestational period, on transfer day, or the day the baby arrives!

1. Biscotti cookies gift basket

Biscotti cookies gift basket

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Buying a surrogate mother delicious eatables is like satisfying her never-ending cravings.

She will be more than delighted to receive a thoughtful gift like this from you while she takes care of your angel with utmost love.

2. Forever grateful wind chime with engraved thank you message

Forever grateful wind chime with engraved thank you message

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Being a single mom or surrogate demands superpowers that not everybody can have, right?

Therefore, it’s time that you thank her for being one of the best people in this world with the help of this forever grateful wind chime. 

The soothing sound of this chime will definitely add more to her instead of the other way around. 

3. Proud surrogate t-shirt

Proud surrogate t-shirt

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Being the intended parents, you guys are definitely proud of the surrogate mother in front of you, right?

So, how about you get her something like this t-shirt that she can definitely relate to?

4. Sideways initial necklace for women

Sideways initial necklace for women

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When everything goes wrong, a sideways name initial necklace will always go right!

It is lightweight, minimalist, elegant in design, and will effortlessly amp up her even casual look.

5. Leakproof 24 oz coffee mug with grip

Leakproof 24 oz coffee mug with grip

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You definitely want the best for her, whether in the gestational period or after that, right?

Therefore, we bring you this leakproof coffee mug that will ensure she has her hot drink served with utmost cleanliness, ease, and at her desired temperature.

6. Canvas tote bag for women

Canvas tote bag for women

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There’s one problem every woman faces every time she’s heading out.

That is, how to keep everything in one bag?

For that, we have got this tote bag as the answer, especially when you want the utmost comfort for your surrogate.

It is made of high-quality canvas that can carry a ton of things in one go.

7. Back massager with heat

Back massager with heat

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When you are looking for relaxing gifts for a surrogate, this back massager with heat will turn out to be your best pick!

It provides ultimate support to the backbone and sore neck while correcting posture at the same time.

Moreover, it has different functions to ensure the massager works according to the next person’s needs.

8. Sculpted hand-painted figure

Sculpted hand-painted figure

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This hand-painted angel figure will be everything you can get in the form of a thoughtful and heartwarming gift.

The angelic figure and the thank you art will always remind the surrogate mother how grateful you guys are to her for completing your family like no one else.

9. Your pea, my pod: a surrogacy keepsake journal

Your pea, my pod a surrogacy keepsake journal

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This journal is not plain and without a template like others available in the market.

Instead, it comes with a pre-design template that helps a surrogate record her beautiful journey exactly the way she wants!

10. 925 sterling silver initial earrings

925 sterling silver initial earrings

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If you are looking for something chic to make your surrogate happy, then here are these 925 sterling silver name initial earrings!

This is definitely a rather different gift idea for her but not the one she can resist in any way!

11. Foot massager machine

Foot massager machine

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This massager is one of the essential gifts for surrogates you can get your hands on. 

New moms can use it in more than one way in their daily routines.

For example, it provides comfort to feet, legs, and arms while your surrogate’s whole body relaxes in a comforting way. 

Moreover, it can be operated through remote control, keeping her from repeatedly bending to adjust its functions.

12. Insulated water bottle with paracord handle

Insulated water bottle with paracord handle

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Staying hydrated is a mandatory part of everyone’s healthy lifestyle.

However, the importance doubles when your surrogate is carrying and nurturing your angel. So, get her something like this insulated water bottle that reminds her to keep up with her daily water intake. 

13. Beyond grateful thank you card

Beyond grateful thank you card

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This card is one of the simplistic ways of telling your surrogate how grateful you are for everything.

You can pair this card with a flower bouquet and give it to her when the baby arrives, or the transfer goes perfectly well.  

14. Pregnancy pillow

Pregnancy pillow

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She will thank you for this pregnancy pillow, especially when she is in the gestational period.

It allows the mother to sleep comfortably with a comforting posture while taking care of each body muscle.

Moreover, the fabric is ultra-soft and doesn’t irritate the skin in any way possible!

15. Pamper gift package for women

Pamper gift package for women

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This pamper gift will provide her with much-needed self-care from the comfort of her home. 

16. Wake pray transfer day socks

Wake pray transfer day socks

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Do you want to add a bit of humor to one of the essential days of this journey?

Simply get your hands on this pair of adorable socks. Plus, you can also get one for the surrogate mother for added smiles! 😉 

17. Open-toe slipper with cozy lining

Open-toe slipper with cozy lining

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These comfy slippers are a must when you want the surrogate mother to enjoy a comfortable walk around the corner.

It doesn’t let the muscles feel tired while adding more to her casual fashion.

Bottom Line:

And… it’s a wrap of our collection of gifts for surrogate!

Hopefully, each and every item listed above will turn out to be an essential part of this beautiful journey!

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