23+ Gifts For Stationery Lovers Who Are Born With Crafty Soul And Like To Make Their Own Art Pieces!

Stationery lovers are born artists.

They can turn a boring journal into a creative one and add life to plain cardboard.

But how do they do that? Do they need any special tools to use?

Well, yes, their collection of journals, markers, envelopes, stickers, and everything in between helps them with every creative work.

Therefore, we bring you our collection of gifts for stationery lovers so that you can please your buddy just the way they ought to be!

Unique Gifts For Stationery Lovers

The gifts for stationery lovers listed here are made of high-quality material so that your friend can use each one of these for as long as he likes!

1. Musical stationery cards with matching envelopes and display box

Musical stationery cards with matching envelopes and display box

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These musical cards are one of the best stationery gifts for your loved ones!

It can be used to write heartfelt notes for occasions like Christmas, birthdays, etc. Also, it can also be used for a music lover who loves all things that start with m.

2. Wood multipurpose stationery holder and organizer

Wood multipurpose stationery holder and organizer

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Not a single stationery lover can overlook how adorably cute and useful this wooden holder is.

It can hold glasses, keys, a mobile phone, and also a number of pencils and ballpoints.

3. Stainless steel bookmark with tassel

Stainless steel bookmark with tassel

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Ever found your friend being tired of changing bookmarks every other day because they don’t simply last long?

Well, this sturdy and minimalist bookmark is here to shoo away all those problems!

4. Pop-up stationery case

Pop-up stationery case

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Surely your friend is supposed to move places like attending classes, sitting in a coffee shop, returning to her study room, etc.

However, keeping all the essentials is necessary no matter what the place is. Therefore, this pop-up stationery case will be your perfect pick for your friend, which will help her organize her pens and everything in between.

5. Adjustable book holder

Adjustable book holder

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Your collection of best gifts for stationery lovers shouldn’t miss this adjustable book holder.

This is because someone who sticks to a desk or is into reading books more than usual will definitely feel some constant pain in their neck. And this holder surely helps with posture correction.

6. Winnie the pooh mug

Winnie the pooh mug

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This mug will surely bring a smile to your friend’s face.

It looks absolutely cute when placed alongside other stationery essentials on the table. Moreover, it can also be used as a storage container.

7. Zippered pen pouch for school, work & office

Zippered pen pouch for school, work & office

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Are you looking for classic gifts for your artistic bud? Ones that add to their style alongside satisfying their love for all things stationery?

Then, without any second thought, add this leather pouch to your cart!

8. Dual tip markers with 5 different curve shapes

Dual tip markers with 5 different curve shapes

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You must have seen the usual highlighters sitting on your friend’s desk every now and then.

But we bring you something different that adds creativity to their paper-related work.

We are talking about these colored curve pens!

9. Slim washi tape gift box set

Slim washi tape gift box set

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Someone who adores stationery like a freak is definitely into journaling in one way or another.

And these uniquely designed washi tapes are here to amp up their journaling game.

10. Forest-themed essential oil diffuser

Forest-themed essential oil diffuser

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This might not feel like a directly linked gift for stationery lovers, but it will definitely add an artistic touch to your buddy’s creative collection or study desk.

It gives off soothing light that, alongside purifying the air, creates a calming vibe for one’s nerves.

11. Vintage alarm clock

Vintage alarm clock

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Unlike the latest and trendy digital alarm clocks, your stationery lover friend will definitely find this vintage bedside clock a lot more beautiful and eye-pleasing. 

It is made of high-quality material and definitely adds an uplifting vibe to any corner it is placed in.

12. Black sticky notes and gel pens for black paper

Black sticky notes and gel pens for black paper

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No no… our gifts for stationery lovers won’t bring those old and boring sticky notes to the table.

Instead, we have these sticky notes with unique gel pens to let your friend explore her creativity!

13. Smart coffee mug warmer & cute cat mug set

Smart coffee mug warmer & cute cat mug set

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This cute mug paired with the mug warmer definitely turns out to be a cute addition to one’s study-related stationery.

The mug is made of high-quality ceramic, and the warmer comes with thermal technology that keeps the drink warm without affecting the mug itself.

14. Antique-looking scrapbook stickers

Antique-looking scrapbook stickers

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These stickers definitely add a unique and eye-pleasing touch to anyone’s journaling, wall of creativity, and other art pieces.

15. Undated planner for any year

Undated planner for any year

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This planner is also one of the most important essentials for copywriters.

It will help them with improving their productivity, managing their tasks in a much more organized way, and keeping track of their dos and don’ts

16. Decorative book set

Decorative book set

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Not every book can be used for décor purposes, right?

But a bookish touch to home décor definitely adds a hard-to-ignore vibe.

This is why we bring you this decorative book set for your friend’s study table, coffee table, etc.

17. Double-line shimmer markers

Double-line shimmer markers

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These markers are not ordinary ones.

They come in durable shimmer quality and can be used for any type of craft.

18. Water bottle with time marker

Water bottle with time marker

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How can our collection of stationery gifts miss out on this adorably cute water bottle?

It comes with time markers, allowing a person to stay hydrated even when busy with a writing spree.

19. Unique bear-themed greeting cards

Unique bear-themed greeting cards

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Surprise your loved ones with care but in a unique way.

These bear hug greeting cards add a touch of uniqueness and thoughtfulness.

20. Constellation gel ink pens

Constellation gel ink pens

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We are sure these constellation gel ink pens will look perfect in your friend’s pen holder and also while he uses them.

The blend of unique colors makes them definitely a purchase worth your money! 

21. Wax seal stamp kit with gift box

Wax seal stamp kit with gift box

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Every stationery lover is aware that your stationery collection is incomplete if you don’t have a wax seal and stamp kit.

Therefore, I bring you a kit that is perfect for both beginner stampers and professional stampers at the same time.

22. Refillable retractable white-out correction tape

Refillable retractable white-out correction tape

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Who doesn’t want to have a white-out correction tape? Especially one that can be refilled instead of the other way around.

Its size is handy and minimal, making them perfect for carrying around anywhere you like!

23. Highlighter tape

Highlighter tape

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These highlighter tapes will replace your friend’s other highlighter that dries up after even minimal use.

Moreover, the packaging protects the rolls from getting wasted.

24. Book lover keyring

Book lover keyring

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This keychain will turn out to be your perfect choice when it comes to hard-to-resist gifts for stationery lovers.

It is made of durable stainless steel and doesn’t break off even when hit with something hard.

Bottom Line:

You are doing fine as long as your collection of gifts for stationery lovers has uniqueness, creativity, and definitely a touch of beautiful colors!

So, which one did you pick from our collection mentioned above?

We hope that you got one for yourself too, because they are all too adorable to ignore!

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