20 Artsy-Craftsy Gifts for Scrapbookers for a Terrific Scrapbooking Experience

There are hundreds of things to choose from when it comes to getting a present for a paper crafter. 

But do you still need to decide what to buy them for an upcoming special event or holiday?

Here’s a list of the top 20 gifts for scrapbookers that will take their scrapbooking experience to the next level.

Gadget Gifts for Scrapbookers

There are various categories of presents when it comes to scrapbooking.

One of them would be the latest gadgets that make scrapbooking easier and a lot more fun. 

Here are our top picks of gadget gifts for scrapbookers:

1. Embossing and Die Cutting Machine

Embossing and Die Cutting Machine

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Help them make their crafts more efficient and neat with this gadget gift for scrapbookers.

This portable and storage-friendly machine is perfect for intricate die-cutting on heavyweight cardstock, vinyl, foil, and multiple layers of fabric. 

It’s also compatible with most leading metal dies and embossing folders.

2. Cinch Binding Tool

Cinch Binding Tool

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Binding one’s creations by hand can be a hectic and messy task, but not with this handy bookbinding tool. 

It’s a must for the serious scrapbooker and you will receive a big thank you for this gift!

3. Fujifilm Polaroid Camera

Fujifilm Polaroid Camera

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Who doesn’t wanna add artful pictures to their scrapbooks and journals? 

You can help the scrapbooker in your life to craft the book of their dreams by presenting them with a polaroid camera. 

This gadget gift for scrapbookers will surely get you on the good list!

4. Wireless Mini Printer

Wireless Mini Printer

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This sleek and handy little printer can print vibrant pictures anytime and anywhere you want to. 

Gift this to the scrapbooker in your life, and they won’t have to worry about messy wiring, computer connection, or bulky equipment anymore.

5. Portable Sticker Printer

Portable Sticker Printer

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What would be a greater joy than being able to print the sticker of one’s choice anytime one wants?

This sticker printer allows you to print any sticker you select on your phone. 

This would make a perfect present for your beloved paper crafter!

6. Portable Mini Heat Gun

Portable Mini Heat Gun

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A heating gun might be a thoughtful gadget gift for scrapbookers as it allows them to shrink and bend plastics, dry off paints and glue, and is necessary while working with embossing powders.   

Creative Gifts for Scrapbookers

Scrapbooking is all about expressing one’s self through patterns, colors, and the arrangement of various pieces that come together as one single craft. 

Encourage them to unleash their inner artist with these creative gifts for scrapbookers.

7. Vintage Style Wax Seal Stamp Kit

Vintage Style Wax Seal Stamp Kit

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Get your hands on this trendy wax stamp set that would elevate the look of any paper craft.

With multiple wax colors and stamp designs to choose from, this would make a creative gift for scrapbookers.

8. Wooden Alphabet Stamps

Wooden Alphabet Stamps

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This high-quality vintage stamp set makes an excellent addition to any scrapbooker’s equipment. 

The stamps come packaged in a smart vintage wooden box and make a great gift for the craft enthusiast.

9. Crafting and Scrapbooking Laser Guide

Crafting and Scrapbooking Laser Guide

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Cutting straight and neat lines or edges can be challenging, but not while using this laser guide that allows you to make precise cuts. 

Gifting this to your loved one would make sure they perfect their paper crafts.

10. 200 Gel Pens Coloring Set

200 Gel Pens Coloring Set

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Every crafter needs colors to convey their art and to paint a story. 

Gift these gel pens to the scrapbooker in your life and allow them to express their true self.

11. Colored Glitters Set

Colored Glitters Set

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Life is better when covered in glitter!

This high-quality glitter set is all a scrapbooker needs to prepare a sparkly and bright scrapbook. 

 So why wait? 

12. Pattern Paper Pack

Pattern Paper Pack

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Delight your scrapbooking friend with this beautiful selection of pattern papers. 

Perfect for their scrapbooking creations so they can keep their memories alive and create cute keepsakes for their kids and loved ones.

13. Media Mat

Media Mat

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Among the most creative gifts for scrapbookers is this media mat that enables one to perfect one’s craftworks. 

This non-slip mat secures media in place for ink blending, stamping, and stenciling.

14. Stationary Organizer

Stationary Organizer

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Everybody loves stationery and art supplies until it comes to keeping them organized. 

With this tabletop organizer, they can keep their journals, stickers, papers, pens, and whatnot in place. 

Grab this now and help your loved one from losing their precious supplies to the mess. 

Birthday Gifts for Scrapbookers

Everybody wants something special and meaningful on their birthday. 

It sure can be confusing to find the perfect gift, especially for a scrapbooker, but we are here to help. 

Here’s a list of birthday gifts for scrapbookers that will get their creative juices flowing:

15. Vintage Style Scrapbook Paper

Vintage Style Scrapbook Paper

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With the vintage aesthetic in trend, who does not want to create a journal that portrays one’s retro self?

Gift these high-quality french industrial-themed scrapbooking papers to your dear friend or family member and help them achieve their old-time vibe.

16. Multi themed Scrapbook Stickers

Multi themed Scrapbook Stickers

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Is a scrapbook even complete without stickers all over it? 

With 160 pieces in total, these stickers are abundant in quantity and style and will surely satisfy their personalized decoration on different occasions.

17. A Set of Wahshi Tape

A Set of Wahshi Tape

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Any scrapbooking enthusiast needs a range of accessories and this premium tape set makes a great addition to their kit. 

The soothing pastel colors and patterns will add a creative twist to their scrapbooking designs.

18. Aesthetic Leather Journal

Aesthetic Leather Journal

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Next up on our list of birthday gifts for scrapbookers is this handmade vintage leather journal. 

Perfect for scrapbooking, this journal is made up of authentic leather and premium quality paper that would hold up all of their precious memories and artistic productions.

19. Copic Markers

Copic Markers

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Every color symbolizes a different meaning, and crafters use them to portray their imagination. 

Presenting them with these Copic markers will make sure they express themselves properly through a colorful scrapbook.

20. Pack of Patterned Scissors

Pack of Patterned Scissors

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What a fabulous gift are these decorative scissors made for the scrapbooking enthusiast! 

It’s perfect for beginners. They will love the different patterns and variety of scissors included in this set.

Wrapping Up!

Well, these were all the gifts we thought were best for your scrapbooker. 

We hope you were able to find the perfect present for them. 

What would you like to add to this list? 

Do share with us!

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