20 Thoughtful Gifts for Paddleboarders for a Pleasant Paddleboarding Experience

Do you have a SUP (stand-up paddleboarding ) enthusiast in your life you’d like to buy a gift for?

You’re in luck! We’ve got your back with loads of gift ideas for paddleboarders for a pleasant paddleboarding experience. 

Our list includes creative, unique, and thoughtful gifts that will improve any paddleboarder’s day.

Practical Gifts For Paddleboarders

From paddleboarding accessories to SUP books and everything in between, these gifts will surely put a smile on any paddleboarder’s face.

1. Inflatable Belt Life Jacket

Inflatable Belt Life Jacket

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A personal flotation device is an essential paddling accessory you will need on board whenever you go out on your SUP. 

It can be in the form of a tube or this handy belt that can be inflated into a life jacket.

2. Coiled Paddleboard Leash

Coiled Paddleboard Leash

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One of the best practical gifts for paddleboarders would be a SUP leash which is essential for their equipment’s security and safety.

Using this leash ensures that their board stays close to them even if they fall or get knocked off their board. It will allow them to get back onto their board quickly.

3. Overboard Dry Tube

Overboard Dry Tube

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Big days out on the water call for big dry bags! 

With up to 40-liter capacity, the Overboard Dry Tube is for paddlers who prefer to get the miles in and explore. 

Boasting a carry handle at the top and a removable shoulder strap, this heavy-duty waterproof bag is also ideal for keeping gear dry on longer water-based expeditions.

4. Spare Paddleboard Fins

Spare Paddleboard Fins

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Spare fins may not be the accessory you want to carry while you’re paddling, but keeping them at home or in your car doesn’t hurt.

Since the fins help you stay in a relatively straight line, when they’re broken or need fixing, it can make for an irritating time. 

Gift spare paddleboard fins to save your loved one from this misery.

5. Waterproof Hip Pack

Waterproof Hip Pack

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A waterproof hip pack is one of those paddle-boarding accessories you never knew you needed until you’ve used one.

This little bag can carry all essentials, from keys to sunglasses or sunscreens.

6. Water-resistant Backpack

Water-resistant Backpack

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One of the creative gifts for paddleboarders is this water-resistant backpack that will safely keep all of your belongings while you ride the waves.

7. Insulated Water Bottle

Insulated Water Bottle

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Whether you plan on paddling for hours or just going for a short pootle on your local lake, taking water with you is a must, especially in the middle of summer. 

Standing on a paddle board offers no protection from the sun, so you’ll need to keep sipping as you drift along.

8. Trolley for Carrying the Paddleboard

Trolley for Carrying the Paddleboard

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Carrying your paddle board to and from the water can be taxing. Using a SUP cart can make the process much easier, especially when you’re exhausted from a long day on the water. 

SUP carts are truly one of the best Christmas gifts for paddleboarders.

Christmas Gifts For Paddleboarders

With Christmas time around, you must be in a hurry to grab suitable presents for every person in the family. But what should one get for a paddler? 

Fret not! Our list of Christmas gifts for paddleboarders is here to save the holiday season.

9. Waterproof Body Warmer Jacket

Waterproof Body Warmer Jacket

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A lightweight waterproof body warmer jacket that will provide all the warmth required. 

Throw on this body warmer right after you come out of the water, and you’re good to go.

10. Water-Resistant Blue-Tooth Speakers

Water-Resistant Blue-Tooth Speakers

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We all have that one person that appreciates nature with a little bit of background music. And we have just the thing to make their Christmas special.

These water-resistant blue-tooth speakers would allow them to listen to music without having a fear of technology on board.

11. Inflatable SUP Paddle

Inflatable SUP Paddle

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What would make a paddler happier than a brand-new inflatable paddle? 

Surprise your loved one with this practical gift for paddleboarders and see their reaction.

12. Waterproof Phone Case

Waterproof Phone Case

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Another Christmas gift for paddleboarders is this waterproof phone case, which gives them peace of mind at your fingertips. 

This phone case has a handy lanyard to hang around their neck or attach to their buoyancy aid. 

It’s touch-sensitive and has a window on the back so they can snap away as they paddle.

13. Polarised Glasses for Paddleboarders

Polarised Glasses for Paddleboarders

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Most casual paddle boarders hit the water when the sun is shining. 

But they might not realize how much extra glare the eyes are exposed to due to reflection off the water. This is where a pair of polarised sunglasses come in.

14. Stand-Up Paddleboarding Guide

Stand-Up Paddleboarding Guide

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Help your loved ones pursue their passion with this stand-up paddleboarding guide for beginners. 

This would make a special and unique present for the paddlers in your life.

15. Hat For Sun Protection

Hat For Sun Protection

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Always wearing a hat is another must for paddling in warm weather. Keep your head covered if it’s intended to spend the day paddling in the sun. 

If you’re searching for a waterproof hat that will last you longer, then we have the perfect option.

Creative Gifts For Paddleboarders

In the mood to get something different and unique for SUP in your life? 

Here are some creative gifts for paddle boarders that will strengthen your bond with them.

16. UV Board Cover for Paddleboards

UV Board Cover for Paddleboards

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Make your present stand out with this UV board cover that is not only unique but also handy. 

It soaks up the UV rays and does not let them destroy the shiny surface of your precious board.



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LED lights make everything more fun. You can get these cool waterproof LED lights for your paddleboarder friend. 

These can add personality to the board or make them visible when night paddling. They’re a fantastic accessory to add to the paddleboard.

18. Anti-Slip Water Boots

Anti-Slip Water Boots

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Look out for the safety of your loved ones with these slip-proof boots.

They are made of the same insulating neoprene fabric as wetsuits, and can be used by anyone serious about regularly going in cold water.

19. Cell Phone Holders

Cell Phone Holders

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Even though you don’t have a GoPro, you can still capture great pictures or videos when you’re paddle boarding. 

This cell phone holder can mount your phone for pictures and videos. 

This is suitable for paddlers who love to capture their experiences and memorable moments while paddling.

20. Electric Air Pump

Electric Air Pump

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Most of the inflatable paddleboards are made to be manually filled, but that’s a solid 10-15 minute cardio, and the majority of the time, hand-pumping the board only ensures it is adequately filled. 

With this creative electric pump, this hassle will be minimized’ almost vanished. It has adjustable settings and comes with a LCD display.

Wrapping Up!

Although it’s easy to decide on a present to buy when it comes to paddleboarding, we hope that with our guide, you can find the perfect gift. 

These gifts will help you appreciate the paddler in your life and motivate them further. 

Which one did you find the best? Do share with us.

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