23 Gifts For Massage Therapsists That They Secretly Want To Have – Self-care products & practical gadgets

Tip is only for the waiters! Oh, no, it’s for your massage therapists as well. 

After all, they give your body the comforting touches it needs. But why tip with cash when you can give them presents, right?

If you are eyeing cool gifts for a massage therapist, luck has met you. We have curated a no-fluff, nothing-but-value gift guide for you here. 

Populated by massage tools, relaxing kits, helping accessories and wearables, these massage therapist gifts will make your therapist wanna give you a complimentary massage.

Win-win situation, huh? So, let’s get into it right away. 

Top Gifts For Massage Therapists

No capping – these are all carefully selected gifts that have achieved excellent ratings on Amazon and other online marketplaces. 

1. Foot massager for relaxation

Foot massager for relaxation

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Standing all day.
Massaging all day.
Checking their appointments all day.

That’s what a normal day for a massage therapist looks like. And I can predict that their feet hurt often when they get back home. 

How about treating them with this wooden foot massager with rotating nodes? They target the acupressure points of the feet, treat plantar fasciitis, improve blood circulation and get rid of any knots or aches in them.

A perfect de-stressing tool right there!

2. Essential oil diffuser with light

Essential oil diffuser with light

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This oil diffuser adds a touch of zen-style to their workplace or home. The smooth mist awakens all their senses and removes any bad odors. 

It has a capacity of 100ml and auto shut-off feature. And if that’s not enough, it’s got 7 different colors which can be changed at the press of a button. 

Fresh and clean environment all around.

3. Massager t-shirt

Massager t-shirt

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Almost 80% of U.S. massage therapists are women. So, it’s only reasonable to include this girly gift for a massage therapist. 

“Healing hands” is just the right sort of phrase for her, right? 

The shirt is made of a cotton-polyester blend and has double-stitched sleeves. 

4. Acupressure mat & pillow set

Acupressure mat & pillow set

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They give pleasure to all the other people. Don’t they deserve the same with their bodies?

This mat carries a total of 6,930 acupressure points that reenergizes the entire body.
Okay, not the head, but there’s a pillow for that 😜.

It has received raving comments from customers who appreciated its pain-relieving feature the most. 

5. Therapist keychain

Therapist keychain

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This list of massage therapists is incomplete without this keychain. 

I mean, can’t you look at how relevant and specific it is!
Your massage therapist can put the keys of their car, cabinet and home in it. Also qualifies as a superb gift for a speech therapist. 

6. Human muscle anatomy wall art

Human muscle anatomy wall art

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This 8 x 10-inch print can easily become a part of their office or apartment’s wall. From triceps and deltoids to abdominals and quadriceps, the print includes every small and large muscle present in the body. 

7. Women high waist palazzo pants

Women high waist palazzo pants

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Massage therapists have to keep standing most of the day and imagine if they’d be wearing tight jeans during working!

Oh, nooo!

That’s why I bring you these comfy and loose palazzo pants. Made of polyester and spandex, they look both funky and semi-formal at the same time.  And there are two side pockets where she can put oils and massagers.

8. Coconut vanilla body scrub

Coconut vanilla body scrub

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This gift idea for a massage therapist will moisturize her body when she has an off-day to enjoy. With a combination of argan oil, aloe vera and avocado oil, this scentful body scrub gets deep into the skin and makes it baby soft. 

They can bid farewell to dry, itchy skin, dead cells and dirt now. 

9. Wrist strength trainer

Wrist strength trainer

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This tool helps massage therapists in your life build the wrist strength they need to provide the best back and foot massage for their clients. It makes their fingers and forearms stronger as well. 

Thanks to the adjustable resistance (from 22 lbs to 132 lbs), they can work on their grip while being at the massage center, traveling in the subway or even when watching Netflix. 

10. Battery-operated neck fan

Battery-operated neck fan

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Free them from sweating while they’re giving a soothing back massage to their clients with this neck fan.

It snugly fits the neck and the speed of the fan can be adjusted according to differing needs.
And no, you need not worry about its battery; it lasts for 9 hours (at speed 1) and gets charged by any USB output. 

11. Relaxing tabletop fountain with pump

Relaxing tabletop fountain with pump

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Whether they use this pacifying fountain during work or for unwinding at home after work, it’s plainly outstanding. 

The 3-tier leaf design features falling streams of water that are exceedingly relaxing to look at. And on top of it, it’s fitted with weak yellow LED lights for an uplifted and decorative look. 

The fountain needs no batteries; it will work only when connected to the socket. 

12. No spill mighty mug

No spill mighty mug

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Another great gift to get a massage therapist is this untippable mug. 

It’s almost essential for those who like to drink juices and tea while working. 

Now they can get hold of the mug casually without worrying that it would fall and the contents would spill. It’s perfect for both hot and cold drinks & is cup-holder friendly. 

13. Sloth tea infuser

Sloth tea infuser

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Oh, yes, what is a massager without tea, right? To help them make refreshing teas that wake their senses up, I present you this funny sloth tea infuser. 

Your massage therapist can fill it with tea leaves, perch it on the rim of their cup and enjoy a perfectly brewed tea during their sessions. And yes, it is dishwasher-safe. 

14. Hand massager with heat & air compression

Hand massager with heat & air compression

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Wrist pain, palm pain, finger pain…

It’s part of a massage therapist’s life. But not anymore. With the acupressure and heating technology of this hand massager, they can receive instant relief.

It eases sore muscles, promotes blood circulation and alleviates pain if any. There are 6 massage modes and 6 intensity levels to satisfy differing needs.

15. 24-slot wooden oil bottles storage box

24-slot wooden oil bottles storage box

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This one is just a bit different from all the acupressure mats and deep tissue massagers mentioned in this gift list. It is actually an oil bottle holder box that is essentially a treasure box for massage therapists. 

It can easily house 24 bottles of 30ml which they can take out any time they want. The lid features a latch so the “treasure” can remain safe 😀.

16. Resin hand jewelry holder

Resin hand jewelry holder

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Looking for an attractive Christmas gift for a massage therapist? This work of art would gladly suffice. 

It’s actually a jewelry holder in the shape of a hand on which she can arrange all her rings, bracelets and bangles.

High quality

Anything else you want in a gift?

17. Unisex highly comfy slippers

Unisex highly comfy slippers

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Heels at massage parlor = not recommended
Derby shoes at the massage parlor = not recommended

These sandals? Oh, yes, baby! They are soft, they are lightweight, they are comfortable at the highest level, and they are long-lasting. 

With these on, they won’t have to worry about sore feet or tense muscles from standing all day. Because it features deep heel cup and concave ramp that helps in absorbing the impact. 

18. Scented candle pack of 20

Scented candle pack of 20

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This gift idea is gold. And we mean it.

Scented candles are a pleasing way to make a space feel more cozy and homey – Jasmine, rose, fig, lavender, lemon; there’re 10 different scents to create a revitalizing ambiance. 

Now, it’s up to your massage therapist whether she uses it for her massage parlor or home.  

19. 6-pocket belt bag

6-pocket belt bag

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Now this one is a highly practical gift for massage therapists. They can put their accessories and tools in its pockets so they are always nearby. 

Need a eucalyptus oil bottle – it’ll be right there.
Need a gua sha massager – it’ll be right there.
Need a cleaning cloth – it’ll be right there. 

Made of canvas and nylon, it easily fits 25 to 48-inch waists. 

20. White noise sound machine

White noise sound machine

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Better than a lullaby, sweeter than a consolation and warmer than a hug, this white noise sound machine features 24 soothing sounds, ranging from rainfall to fan, water stream and forest. 

Your massage therapists can use it at their workplace to soothe their clients or at their homes to soothe themselves (or their baby 😃.)

21. Meditating frog figurine

Meditating frog figurine

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Let your massage therapist start their morning with yoga and this zen frog at their side. 

It’s a tranquility booster, seriously.
With its intricate detailing and a fitting yoga pose, it will free them from the stress and depression that boils up inside their bodies. 

22. Plug-in night light

Plug-in night light

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Have you ever seen blazing light in massage centers? No, it’s that soft, relaxed illumination. So why can’t the massagers get the same at their home?

This is a great gift to get a massage therapist because it will prepare their bedroom for an ideal sleeping environment. 

Simply plug it into the socket and it will automatically turn on and off at different times of the day.
Just make sure to set the required brightness (5lm to 80lm.)

23. Spa gift set

Spa gift set

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This revitalizing gift set includes bath salt, body scrub, wax candle, pillow mist, honey soap and bath bomb bar to encapsulate the massage therapist in a cloud of comfort and well-being. 

Made of organic and natural ingredients, she’ll be dying to hug you after you give it to her. 

This also qualifies as a decent new mom present

Bottom line

So, after all, finding cool gifts for massage therapists wasn’t a buzzing task at all, huh?

Well, that’s because you went through this gift guide 😛. 

We’re so sure that you might have picked a favorite gift from this list that we would now simply end this blog by saying this:

Congrats on the purchase!!!

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