12 Exceptional Gifts For Map Lovers Who Love Geography

Geography enthusiasts and world travelers all agree that maps are incredibly fascinating. They can arouse feelings of nostalgia or a sense of kinship in addition to being instructive and motivational.

Maps are no longer just for the glove box. Instead, they can be used to create one-of-a-kind artwork or carvings out of wood.

If you have a loved one with such qualities, we are here to help!

Scroll down to explore the list of suitable presents!

Exceptional Gifts For Map Lovers

If you don’t relate to their devotion, it can be challenging to understand the feelings map lovers have about their maps.

Therefore, buy these substantial gifts for map lovers if you wish to make them overjoyed!

1. Travel cork globe with pins

Travel cork globe with pins

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A traveler can recall the old journeys and plan the next one by having this globe.

With distinct national borders, he can accurately pinpoint each country and attach documents like photos, notes, or tickets to it.

It is a wonderful gift that he can place on the desktop so it remains in view. Therefore, order it for your travel enthusiast fellow and help him decide for the next trip.

2. Digital map print

Digital map print

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Most of us are fond of analyzing the world map but often miss out on the map of our city or state.

But thanks to these digital map options, you and your group of friends won’t fall into this category. So now you can download this digital map of your city and spread it among your friends as a token of love and information, as you can have as many prints as you desire.

Suggest them to hang it in their rooms and get to know every corner of their city.

3. Grain premium leather journal notebook

Grain premium leather journal notebook

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Presenting this notebook to your buddy is a great idea where he can make all the important notes related to traveling and geography.

It is a bright eye-catching notebook with a full-grain, manually aged leather cover. Two paper blocks with 24 pages each are contained within and secured to the cover with an elastic band.

A compass printed on the cover makes it extra special, and sure, the leather isn’t going anywhere!

4. USA cross stitch pattern map

USA cross stitch pattern map

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A cross-stitch map of the USA, yes, it’s true for USA lovers, one of the greatest presents for map lovers.

Distinguishing each state in a unique color makes it one of the best things to paste on the wall of the house and turn into a décor item.

It is available for instant download purchase.

5. Vintage cigarette case with USSR map

Vintage cigarette case with USSR map

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Geography is all about knowing current maps, but topographical freaks surely want to keep an eye on history.

Therefore, we came up with a vintage cigarette case with a map of the USSR. The case is made of aluminum and hot enamel, which makes it durable.

If not lost anywhere, your smoker buddy will surely use it for years!

6. African continent wall sticker

African continent wall sticker

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Unconventional stuff always catches one’s attention.

Moreover, if you find a present that concerns the recipient’s interest, it becomes extra special!

The same holds true for this African continent wall sticker. It can be pasted on any wall at home or office. Available in different colors might make it hard to choose. So you may ask your friend about her preferences.

7. World map push pin bright home décor

World map push pin bright home décor

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Gifts that stay with the receiver for the longest keep them remembering you from time to time. Additionally, something that serves multiple purposes gains more attention.

This world map falls in the same category. It can be used for décor in the living room and to plan the next trip for the traveling freak. Also, the different colors used in the map make it significant.

So don’t waste time thinking and order this amazing map to make a surprise gift for your childhood buddy.

8. Digital personalized map

Digital personalized map

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Expressing your love innovatively can be the best thing you can do for your wife.

The most interesting part is that you can personalize this map and add locations, names, and dates according to your liking.

Keeping it in a heart shape will be an easy way to put a smile on your wife’s face. Mark the spots where you have been with your wife, and also mark those that you wish to visit, as keeping your wife happy needs effort. 😉

9. US states cutting file SVG

US states cutting file SVG

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Now there is an opportunity for individuals to wear the map of their beloved state on their t-shirts.

Never heard of any such thing?

But now you can do it with ease. Every state map filled with flower images makes it eye-catching. After purchase, it is ready for instant download.

10. Cross stitch England flag

Cross stitch England flag

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Order a cross-stitch England flag pattern map, as it gives you an excellent chance to appease someone who adores Britain.

Such exclusive products are hard to find.

But hey, your search becomes much easier. The best part is you don’t have to go to England to get this. Instead, just order it while sitting on the couch in your living room.

11. Wanderlust scratch off map

Wanderlust scratch off map

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Knowing the landscapes of the world was never so easy!

For a traveling enthusiast having this map will be a dream come true. In addition, it is a great adornment for your buddy’s room due to its size (24 x 32 inches).

He also has the advantage of scratching off the place he has already visited.

12. World globe stress ball

World globe stress ball

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Is your mate feeling stressed?

He shouldn’t be the victim of it anymore!

Now he can have the world in his hand. Feels unreal?

This world globe stress ball is the best stress reliever. Moreover, he can plan his next trip as the stress will go in no time!

Bottom Line:

When an individual like something, putting your feet in their shoes is the best way to relate yourself to what they like.

Moreover, you would feel the same way while trying to find the best gifts for them, and your search will be confined. Searching for gifts for map lovers is unusual, but the options mentioned above can make the recipients happy once they receive them.

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