20+ Valuable Gifts For Juicers That Will Make Their Juicing Experience Better And Delightful

People are interested in healthy drinks more than ever now. 

Many have quitted using carbonated drinks; others only drink it occasionally. So if you have friends who love juicing and want presents for them, hello.

You landed on just the right blog. 

We have listed cool gifts for juicers for you here, ranging from kitchen tools to apparel items and décor.

So, without wasting time, let’s get a present for your friends and family.

Best Gifts For Juicers

Below are some excellent tools for preparing juices and other gadgets to impress a juice lover. They can be given on any occasion.

1. My juicing journal

My juicing journal

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Have a friend who has started juicing to maintain her weight and fitness? Well, this journal with 50 different juice recipes is an ideal gift for her to monitor and keep track of her progress.

It is a 90-day planner and is small in size, so she can easily carry it anywhere.

2. Insulated wide-mouth bottle

Insulated wide-mouth bottle

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People don’t always gulp juice in the house.
They take it to the gym, park and picnics as well, right? 

And for that, they need this double-wall insulated bottle by Hydro Flask. This gift for juicers measures 16 oz, is entirely leak-proof and comes in a variety of attractive colors. 

Remain sure that they’ll be drinking their favorite beverage at the perfect temperature at any time.

3. Gym & juice woman tanktop

Gym & juice woman tanktop

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Want a gift for a juice-loving lady who goes to the gym?
This tank top is made of a cotton-poly blend and has a double-stitched reinforced hem.

4. Reusable nut milk bags

Reusable nut milk bags

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Get this pack of nut milk bags to quickly filter the fruit drinks and free them from residues. It is made from super fine food grade nylon mesh and free from BPA material. Plus, it can be washed and reused.

5. Sparkling water maker

Sparkling water maker

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The sparkling water makes it easy to make fresh carbonated water bottles at home. The package includes a sparkling water maker, carbon dioxide cylinder, and carbonating bottle. It is an energy efficient tool.

6. Reusable popsicle molds

Reusable popsicle molds

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Gift these popsicle molds to your friend so she can prepare yummy fruit drink ice pops for you. It is made from food grade silicon material. Plus, it can be reused, and each pack contains 6 sticks.

7. Pineapple chia cleanse

Pineapple chia cleanse

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The pineapple chia cleanse with 15 organic superfoods and sprouts is an ideal gift for juicers who are working hard to maintain their health and lifestyle.

It assists in controlling hunger and removing toxins from the body. Plus, It is USDA-certified, made of non-GMO ingredients.

8. Organic lemon powder

Organic lemon powder

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Get this organic lemon powder pack as a present for juice lovers to prepare healthy and nutritious drinks full of vitamin C, antioxidants, and fibers.

It is made from organic lemons in the USA, and no preservatives or additives are used in it.

9. Glass juicing jars

Glass juicing jars

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Get these colorful glass bottles for the friend who makes awesome mocktails. It will be a beautiful addition to her kitchen decor and are fantastic for juice serving.

They are made from thick soda lime glass and are free from lead.

10. High-speed blender

High-speed blender

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What’s better than a high speed blender as a gift for a juice lover friend. It conveniently blends the fruits in seconds with its 900-watt power and can be cleaned in the dishwasher by removing the blade.

It also has a to-go lid cover for attaching its cup and can be carried anywhere.

11. Owl-shaped mug infuser

Owl-shaped mug infuser

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Does your juicer pal drink herbal teas every morning?
Get him excited with this owl infuser. Isn’t it unique and did I mention cute?

Simply open it up and fill it up with tea leaves or herbs. Cover it up, dip it into the warm water and let it infuse the tea deliciously. 

It’s made of silicone and has a stainless steel chain, so dropping it into hot water is safe. 

12. Glass water bottles

Glass water bottles

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This bottle made with BPA-free glass is excellent for keeping the fruit juices as it has leakproof stainless caps and is safe for the dishwasher.

There is also a nylon sleeve provided to give insulation and easy gripping.

13. Drink pouches with straw hole

Drink pouches with straw hole

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Make the pool party for kids a worth remembering event by preparing your special mocktails and serving them in these handy plastic pouches.

It contains 100 pieces; each is made with BPA-free material and can be reused. Moreover, your precious glassware will also be safe.

14. Personalized chef apron

Personalized chef apron

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Customize this chef apron as a gift for juicers and compliment their amazing juice recipes. The great thing is that your friend’s name will be embroidered on it, not printed.

It is worth the money, so personalize her name or a special message like” Juicing Queen” on it.

15. Fresh force citrus juicer

Fresh force citrus juicer

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Squeeze the last drop of lemon perfectly by using this citrus juicer. It is made from nylon and stainless steel, and its effortless pressing power protects from hand fatigue. Also, it is safe for the dishwasher.

16. Pineapple corer and slicer tool

Pineapple corer and slicer tool

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The non-slip grip of the slicer will make it easy to peel the pineapple faster than the knives and is also safe. Also, it is made from BPA-free stainless steel and can be stored easily due to its compact size.

17. Fruit drinks colorful landscape

Fruit drinks colorful landscape

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Decorate your friend’s kitchen with this beautifully designed artwork of fruits squeezing into juices. It consists of three panels, and each is printed on a durable canvas. A great complimentary gift for juice lovers.

18. Rechargeable USB blender

Rechargeable USB blender

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Let your friend prepare a protein-enriched fruit drink in this portable USB blender before his workout routine. It has a capacity of 14 ounces and is easy to carry and use anywhere and at any time.

19. Bottlebrush cleaner

Bottlebrush cleaner

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These five bottle brushes of different sizes are great for excellently cleaning juice bottles, bottle caps, and straws.

It has ergonomic handles for easy grip, and the bristles used in it are food-grade and non-toxic. Thus, an excellent present for juice lovers.

20. Fruit drink dispenser with metal stand

Fruit drink dispenser with metal stand

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Maintain everyone’s hydration in the hot summer with this handy fruit drink dispenser filled with lemonade. It is made from thick crystalline glass and comes with a metal stand.

It is suitable to be placed at various events like pool parties and baby showers.

21. Multifunctional hand juicer

Multifunctional hand juicer

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Squeeze the oranges excellently by using this manual hand juicer. It has a capacity of 21 ounces and is made with food grade PP material, free from BPA. So, no health risks are associated with it.

22. Plant-based juicing and smoothie cookbook

Plant-based juicing and smoothie cookbook

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The book containing 200 plant-based juices and smoothies recipes, is an excellent gift for juicers who are conscious of their health and want to maintain their weight.

It gives an overview of superfoods, and each recipe has a complete nutritional profile.

23. Reusable stirrer straws

Reusable stirrer straws

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Get this set of 26 reusable colorful straws that would be of great use at any event or during traveling. The set also contains 2 brushes for easy cleaning.

They are made from PP food grade material and meet FDA test standards.

Wrapping up

Nowadays, most people are concerned with healthy foods and drinks. Mainly, folks are using different juicing recipes for making healthy drinks.

In this blog, we discussed gifts for juicers that will significantly help them make nutrient-enriched recipes. They are great to give on any occasion and bring a pleasant smile to the giftee’s face.

So, what did you choose for your juice lover friend? Comment below.

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