22 Gifts For Empaths That Will Land Straight In Their Precious Hearts

Empaths will always be there when you feel like no one can understand your situation at the moment.

Whether you want to vent your gloomy thoughts out or simply look for a shoulder to cry on, an empath will always have you covered!

So, don’t you think such special people deserve more than just verbal appreciation?

If you nodded in unison, we’re on the same page! 😉

Therefore, here are some of the most healing and special gifts for empaths you would love to pack before meeting them next time!

Thoughtful Gifts For Empaths

It’s time to shower your care and love on that precious human with the presents listed below! 

1. Keep shining beautiful – ceramic jewelry tray

Keep shining beautiful – ceramic jewelry tray

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People who are too emotionally invested in everyone around them also deserve words of appreciation and warmth. 

And this is exactly what this jewelry dish does – making the next person smile every she is about to put in her jewelry.

2. Open-toe house slippers

Open-toe house slippers

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Feeling of relaxation, in every form and shape, should be enjoyed by an empath equally.

Therefore, we bring you these open-toe slippers as a gift that starts with O and also that will take care of your buddy’s feet, keeping them from affecting the rest of the body in the form of soreness, stiffness, and a lot more.  

3. You matter kindness t-shirt

You matter kindness t-shirt

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It is one of the most minimalist yet appropriate gifts for empaths.

The overall shirt is plain, giving an effortlessly cool look with its meaningful text!

Moreover, the neckline doesn’t itch, so your friend keeps it on for a whole day.

4. Soar journal

Soar journal

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You will often hear empaths preaching the importance of journaling for a healthy mind and emotional growth.

But what about their inner self? Don’t they deserve to let every negative energy out?

The answer is obvious! Therefore, get your hands on this amazing journal!

5. Relaxation lava rock bracelet

Relaxation lava rock bracelet

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This bracelet is not any other bracelet you see in the market.

In fact, it has healing properties that surely benefit emotional wellness alongside being a fashion statement for your buddy!

6. Natural black tourmaline crystal healing necklace

Natural black tourmaline crystal healing necklace

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The physical and emotional benefits of a natural black tourmaline stone are known to everyone!

S, when you want your empath to be physically and emotionally well, simply get your hands on this beautiful necklace that has the stone engraved and definitely goes with fashion style! 

7. Zodiac glasses

Zodiac glasses

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We are sure someone who holds true meaning for every single thing around them will love this glassware.

The personalization in the form of zodiac signs will definitely make their cold drink taste a lot better!

8. 3D moon lamp

3D moon lamp

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It’s time to take your favorite empath to the moon for real!

Just kidding!

But you can still help them create a soothing environment around them with the help of this 3D moon lamp!

9. Inspirational bracelet

Inspirational bracelet

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If you have been looking for something more than just a lava bracelet, we totally got you covered!

The heartfelt note engraved on this bracelet will always remind one of the most precious persons in your life about how important he is to you and everyone else.

10. Purification sage lavender candle

Purification sage lavender candle

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Don’t worry; we will not ask you to add any other scented candle to your collection of gifts for empaths!

In fact, this sage lavender candle plays an important role in aromatherapy and also turns out to be a thoughtful addition to home décor. 

11. Motivational & inspirational perpetual daily flip calendar

Motivational & inspirational perpetual daily flip calendar

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It’s time to remind your empath friend of all the good things he is capable of.

This flip calendar comes with motivationally thoughtful quotes that everyone should read to keep their mindset on track.

12. Black abstract painting aesthetic wall art

Black abstract painting aesthetic wall art

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Abstract painting is known to relax one’s nerves and add beauty to any corner it is placed in.

Therefore, we bring you this artistic, unique painting set that can be used in the living room, study space, or workspace.

13. Water bottle with time marker

Water bottle with time marker

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Staying hydrated is the key to a healthy and growing body.

And this water bottle is one of the best reminders to feed one’s body it needs the most.

14. Reed diffuser set

Reed diffuser set

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A calming present that starts with R, like this reed diffuser, is a must when it comes to mind-refreshing aroma all around the house.

And since such scents are linked to making one feel at ease, how do you think your loved one won’t love this as a present?

15. White noise sound machine

White noise sound machine

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No one should compromise a sound sleep, no matter what the situation is.

And this is exactly what you will hear an empath preach every other day.

So, to help them practice what they preach, simply get your hands on this white noise sound machine that works like magic in bringing peaceful sleep cycles!

16. 4-in-1 jade roller and gua sha set

4-in-1 jade roller and gua sha set

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Sometimes self-care is all about taking a day off, picking up your skincare tools, and treating your skin with all the love it deserves.

For this, we bring you this 4-in-1 jade roller and gua sha set. It helps fight inflammation and improve blood circulation in skin cells!

17. Tea care package box gift

Tea care package box gift

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This care package is for every tea lover out there.

The calming tea with soothing properties will definitely help your empath friend relax and calm down like no one else. 

18. Wind chimes for outside

Wind chimes for outside

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How about you add something to your empath friend’s home décor that chimes every time the smooth wind blows?

We are talking about this aesthetically beautiful wind chime!

19. Laughter is the best medicine – book

Laughter is the best medicine – book

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A good book a week keeps negative thoughts away!

Therefore, get your hands on this interesting masterpiece that reminds everyone that laughter is the best medicine, not the other way around.

20. Heating pad for neck and shoulders

Heating pad for neck and shoulders

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This heating pad for the neck and shoulder will relax your empath friend’s stiff muscles like no one else.

Moreover, this heating pad also comes with a remote controller with 6 different settings for everyone’s ease! 

21. Personalized canvas tote bag

Personalized canvas tote bag

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You would always hear from an empath that running errands like grocery shopping is one of the toughest tasks.

And the reason always comes up because different things are always hard to handle. However, with personalization, this canvas tote bag makes it easier to store a ton of things in one place. 

22. Pocket hug token keepsake

Pocket hug token keepsake

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This pocket hug token keepsake is one of the most intimate ways of telling someone that they are valued and matter to you.

It can be used as a keychain and hanging for the backpack, etc.

Bottom Line:

Picking gifts for empaths can definitely make you think, “ow, I’m not sure whether he will like it or not.”

But, experts at GiftsToCart made sure that your favorite empath equally loves every item.

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