Looking For Handy Gifts For Camp Counselors? Check Out These 21 Adventurous Presents For Added Fun!

Gifts for camp counselors don’t need to be out-of-this-world. 

All you need is to take care of a few essentials, and your summer camp teacher will surely be on cloud nine!

These essentials include portability, useability, and of course, anything that reminds them of their love for the forest. 

And this is exactly what we have got in our “camp counselor-inspired gifts” collection.

So, let’s dive straight into the gift ideas listed below and see what you can add to your cart already!

Creative Gifts For Camp Counselors

The gift ideas for camp counselors listed here are creative in the sense that these products will work for them in more than one way.

1. The camping logbook

The camping logbook

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One of the first gifts for camp counselors we have here is this camping journal.

It will let your counselor record every tiny detail about his time in the woods.

And this will definitely make him very happy every time he looks back at the time he had with you and others.

2. Where should we camp next?: A 50-state guide to an amazing campground

Where should we camp next A 50 state guide to an amazing campground

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Camping without a book in your hand is just like pizza without delicious topping on it.

Doesn’t sound too good, right?

Therefore, don’t let your camp counselor die of boredom and hand her this amazing guide about camping and everything in between.

3. Outdoor Bluetooth speaker

Outdoor Bluetooth speaker

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We are sure that your camp counselor would love the addition of soulful music to the time in the woods.

Therefore, we have added this outdoor Bluetooth music to this list.

Moreover, the overall design of the speakers is also made to match the vibes of camping or different activities like ping pong.

4. Camper keychain set

Camper keychain set

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Whether out in the forest or not, this camper keychain set will always be by your counselor’s side.

It is beautifully made and definitely comes in a durable quality, making it perfect for them to showcase their love for camping.

5. Forest and mountain tree tapestry

Forest and mountain tree tapestry

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This mountain and forest tree tapestry is something everyone will love, regardless of being a camp counselors or not.

Why? You may ask.

Well, the answer is its absolutely eye-pleasing design and durable material to last long in home décor.

6. Soft and breathable chilly towel

Soft and breathable chilly towel

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Camping means a ton of physical activities, making your body work at 2x speed than usual.

Therefore, get your hands on a thank-you gift like this breathable chilly towel, and show them how grateful you are for their every effort. 

7. Felt letter board

Felt letter board

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This felt letter board is yet another amazing present for people who proudly call themselves camp counselors.

It matches their camping style and adds a beautiful touch of home décor with the help of unique letters in the package.

8. Camp counselor id badge holder

Camp counselor id badge holder

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Looking for best and small presents for camp counselors?

This ID badge holder is the right answer!

The style of the lanyard is pretty attractive and according to what a counselor will like.

Secondly, the holder itself is pretty durable and keeps the card in it safe, no matter how fast he has to run!

9. Emergency whistles with lanyard

Emergency whistles with lanyard

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The chances are that your camp counselor’s old whistles might have started to irritate her because of low-sound.

So, how about you exchange that old one with this amazing camp counselor-inspired gift?

It is lightweight and comes with a strong-grip lanyard, making it last long with your summer camp teacher.

10. Fitness tracker with step counter

Fitness tracker with step counter

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This year, this fitness tracker with step counter can turn out to be one of the best Christmas gifts for a camp counselor.

The reason is that it will help him keep up with his fitness while taking care of the rest of the students on the camping site.

11. Adult camp crystal lake t-shirt

Adult camp crystal lake t-shirt

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A camp-counselor-inspired t-shirt wouldn’t hurt your overall collection of gifts for your favorite person, right?

Therefore, we have added this t-shirt that comes in an ultra-comfy fabric and doesn’t irritate the skin no matter how sweaty it gets.

12. Unisex camping cap

Unisex camping cap

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Speaking of sweat and physical activities, it is absolutely normal to get your hair messed up, regardless of how tightly you have tied them in a ponytail.

However, with the help of this unisex camping cap, this wouldn’t be a problem anymore!

So, get one for your camp counselor and yourself already!

13. Collapsible water bottle with leakproof twist cap

Collapsible water bottle with leakproof twist cap

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Your unique gifts for camp counselors wouldn’t have something as amazing as this water bottle.

The reason is that it is durable and flexible enough to twist when it is empty, making this bottle portable and a less space-taking item in the backpack.

14. Mini sling backpack

Mini sling backpack

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We are sure your camp counselor would thank you after receiving a useful present like this one.

It comes in handy for carrying the essentials when out surfing or camping.

15. Travel duffel bag with wet pocket & shoe compartment

Travel duffel bag with wet pocket & shoe compartment

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No one can deny how important it is to have a nice bag to pack camping-related clothes, shoes, and everything in between.

So, when you are looking for useful gifts, make sure to get your hands on this one also because it is definitely going to be worth your purchase!

16. 2 pack LED camping lantern

2 pack LED camping lantern

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This LED camping lantern is made for every light-related need while you are in the middle of the forest.

It is weather-resistant, and the battery lasts longer to keep your surroundings bright and safe.

So, how do you think that your camp counselor wouldn’t be pleased to have it as a Christmas gift?

17. Insect repellent for clothing, gear, and tents

Insect repellent for clothing, gear, and tents

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Another useful and must-have gift for camp counselors indeed.

This premium insect repellent works on clothing, gear, tent, and everything in between in order to keep you and your adventurous time free of any infection and worry.

18. Adventure camp cook set

Adventure camp cook set

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How can we forget about food when camping?

Definitely not a good idea at all.

Therefore, we bring you this adventure camp cook set that comes with a locking pit handle and BPA-free durable material.

19. Outdoor flashlight headlamps with adjustable headbands for Adults

Outdoor flashlight headlamps with adjustable headbands for Adults

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Camping will always be incomplete without this LED headlamp.

Not only during camping but this gift for summer camp counselors will always turn out handy during their daily routine.

Its lightweight and 10+ hour runtime make it perfect for long-time use.

20. Easy to carry camping hammock

Easy to carry camping hammock

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Next time when your summer camp counselor goes into the woods for hiking or simply to enjoy some time alone, he should have this portable hammock with him too.


Well, the reason is that this hammock’s portability and high quality make it a perfect companion for a peaceful time while camping.

21. 2-in-1 phone charger lanterns

2-in-1 phone charger lanterns

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This small but useful gift for camp counselors will help them when their phones run out of battery, and they need to go deeper into the woods at the same time.


This simple answer is the charging port that comes with this lantern. Moreover, you can choose from two different variants, depending on your camp counselor’s need.

Bottom Line:

It always feels nice when a caring camp counselor takes care of you. Therefore, making them happy with a gift or two would always be a perfect idea.

Moreover, we hope that the gifts for camp counselors listed above have provided you with everything you were already looking for.

Lastly, don’t forget to let us know which present your camp counselor loved the most.

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