Get Back To The Course And Play Like A Pro By Using These 6 Best Golf Rain Gloves

Spending some much-needed time on the golf course is a lot more than completing rounds every once a week.

You are supposed to be prepared in every way, and for every weather you might face as soon as you take out your golf club!

Mainly because having the right golf gear while the weather feels welcoming can make your golf game.

But what to do when it is a bit too humid outside? Or the unwelcome rain has just arrived?

You simply use one of the best golf rain gloves to ensure pro-level grip and perfect shot as long as you play!

So, to help you keep up with one of your favorite sports, below is a fine collection of the best golf gloves for rain!

Let’s begin.

Best Golf Rain Gloves

This collection will answer all your questions, from appropriate sizes to flexible fit! 

1. OGLOVE waterproof thermal golf gloves

OGLOVE waterproof thermal golf gloves

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  • Material: Gel 
  • Closure type: Pull On
  • Touchscreen sensitive: Yes
  • Hand orientation: ‎Ambidextrous
  • Different sizes: Yes

Nobody wants to call off the most anticipated game at the last minute just because it started raining out of the blue, right?

So, how about you get your hands on one of the best golf rain gloves to deal with an uninvited situation more practically and smartly?

For that, these Oglove waterproof thermal golf gloves will turn out to be your best bet!

The gloves come in a flexible yet athletic fit to give a perfect grip when doing so becomes a bit tricky.

Moreover, other features like touchscreen sensitivity and versatile design make these a perfect fit for different sports and recreational activities.

Pros Cons
✅  Comfortable on your skin ❌  Not fit for activities other than sports, etc.
✅  Can be used during winter and rain
✅  Value for money

2. FootJoy men’s raingrip golf gloves

FootJoy men's raingrip golf gloves

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  • Material: Polyester, spandex, suede
  • Closure type: Hook and Loop
  • Hand orientation: Pair
  • Different sizes: Yes
  • Item weight: 0.2 Pounds

Footjoy raingrip golf gloves have already been known to assist golfers in playing nicely when the weather is relatively wet or humid.

The main reason is that the combination of polyester, spandex, and suede ensures that the player gets to experience a fit grip on the golf club, especially when the hand palms are sweating or the rain is causing slippage.

Furthermore, this pair of the best golf rain gloves come with a removable ballmarker to make it easier for him to play his favorite sport. 

Pros Cons
✅  Perfect for overly sweaty hands or high-humidity days ❌  Might take some time to get used to it
✅  Solid fit and grip
✅  Value for money

3. TaylorMade rain control golf gloves

TaylorMade rain control golf gloves

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  • Material: Nylon, microfiber suede
  • Organic pull tab: Yes
  • Hand orientation: Pair 
  • Different size: Yes
  • Item weight: 0.04 pounds

The TaylorMade best golf rain gloves are known to provide a 40% stronger grip than the other options available in the market.

Other than that, they also come in a pretty style, ensuring that your wet-weather gloves match your overall golf style.

The opening right where the wrist starts is also made flexible enough to ensure holding the golf club doesn’t cost you your comfort and focus at the same time.

Pros Cons
✅  Provide perfect grip ❌  Stitching can be an issue (as claimed by some)
✅  Suitable for rain and every weather

4. FINGER TEN men’s golf glove for rain

FINGER TEN men's golf glove for rain

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  • Material: 3D performance mesh 
  • Closure type: Pull On 
  • Hand orientation: Ambidextrous, left, right
  • Different sizes: Yes 
  • Optimal breathability: Yes

When you want to try out a different color in your golf rain gloves other than the usual one, simply get your hands on the Finger Ten men’s golf gloves for rain.

However, this isn’t entirely the reason why we choose it among the other best gloves for wet weather.

Its versatile stitch and pull-on closure ensure your golf game stays strong even when the weather is unfavorable.

Pros Cons
✅  Perfect for overly sweating hands ❌  Sizes can be smaller than usual ones, so you need to discuss to get the right size
✅  Long-lasting and effective gloves
✅  Doesn’t stiff like leather

5. FootJoy women’s raingrip golf gloves

FootJoy women's raingrip golf gloves

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  • Material: QuikDry™ II knit
  • Closure Type: Pull On
  • Hand orientation: Pair
  • Different sizes: Yes
  • Removable ball marker: Yes
  • Item weight: 1 pound

These will be one of the best golf rain gloves for women you can get your hands on.

Professionally stitched to fit nicely on a woman’s hand, these FootJoy women’s raingrip golf gloves ensure that every female golfer gets to make the most out of her each round.

Moreover, the QuikDry™ II knit quickly dries out the sweat caused due to rain or humid weather during summer.

Pros Cons
✅  Comfortable fabric for skin ❌  Doesn’t have a variety of colors
✅  Can be rinsed out between rounds
✅  Can keep hands warm

6. HIRZL GRIPPP FIT golf gloves – all weather

HIRZL GRIPPP FIT golf gloves – all weather

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  • Material: Faux leather, spandex, nylon, leather
  • Closure type: Hook
  • Hand orientation: Left, right
  • Different sizes: Yes

Do you want the feel of a strong grip with your best golf rain gloves that make you stand out among other golfers?

Do you want gloves for your hands that don’t make your skin sweat but absorb it, regardless of the weather you are playing in?

Whatever your reason may be, these Hirzl Grippp Fit golf gloves will be worth your purchase. 

All thanks to its orientation, sizing, suitable leather, and breathable fabric that make these gloves last longer than anything else!

Pros Cons
✅  Solid grip, snugness, and fitness ❌  It might be a bit expensive
✅  The leather doesn’t irritate
✅  Stay super dry
✅  No compromise on the quality

Bottom Line:

Playing golf is like being a pro at your patience, strategic approach, and knowing which golf glove will help you when it starts to rain!

Anything less than high-quality will definitely make it hard for you to find the perfect grip and hit the appropriate shot!

With that said, hopefully, you have already got your best golf rain gloves and are ready for your next game!

Feel free to drop your suggestions in the comments section below!

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